Mulholland Drive tee

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Brain Dead's latest music collaboration with none other than Eyedress in celebration of his latest album Mulholland Drive. To commemorate the album we have produced both the Mulholland Drive cover art as well as an exclusive t-shirt featuring the album’s front and back cover. Otherwise known as Idris Vicuna, Eyedress is a Filipino singer who has spent the past decade mastering his unique, off kilter approach to alternative and indie music. With Mulholland Drive marking his 4th studio album, Eyedress set out to both give thanks to life’s simple pleasures while simultaneously tackling some of modern existence’s more complicated feelings. From “Smile” to “Body Dysmorphia” Eyedress truly encapsulates the palette of modern life’s vibrant colors all while pushing one main message. According to Eyedress, “This album is about loving yourself and your life. At this point in my life, all the people who support me have made my life better than I can imagine. I want to give back because there is so much love.” 

Our classic heavyweight cotton t-shirt. Eyedress graphics printed on the chest and back.

Material: 100% Cotton

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